Hey yall!

I'm Heather.

I’m a wedding and portrait photographer here in North Carolina and travel anywhere that a good love story takes me; both the family and love variety. I am a born and bred North Carolinian including living out in the country, learning to drive a truck on dirt roads and owning a pet pig named Penelope. I still love Target a little too much and drink coffee to an extent that it can’t be healthy.  I am passionate about what I do, trying to live a simple life, and my Jesus. I am always so honored to be considered to capture your memories. It is not lost on me what a gift it is. 


Nice to meet you!

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For the genuinely in love

and not afraid to show it.

Your story is so beautifully unique and so is the love you share. Whether you’re getting married in a barn or a backyard, mountaintop or home church, your moments deserve to be captured. Whether your baby was just born or has babies of their own, your story deserves to have its unique-ness captured right now in this season for generations to come. You have a story to tell. We all do. Its time to capture your’s.

Capturing your real story...

Let me capture a love story that is truly timeless and genuine. If you're here, we are probably kindred spirits. If you didn't grow up in the country, you have a love for the countryside. A love for things that are wholesome and homegrown. The feeling of walking barefoot in a field and the smell of grass freshly cut in the summer. Wide open air and fresh watermelon. And then all of a sudden: you met them. The other person that was hand-picked for you- who also loves genuine, wholesome things. That inspires you to keep it simple and makes you a better person for being themselves. You’ve found the one your soul loves: barefeet, inside jokes and everything in between that makes yall who you are.

And then the little people came. The wild-hair and sometimes sticky floors came with them. The sleepless nights and the belly laughs. All these little scrunched up noses and growing-up-too-fast moments came with them. You look around and the stages are passing so quickly. Let's slow down and capture some of this precious time. Let's let them be little and remember exactly who they are right now. All these moments deserve to be documented and hung on your walls as a reminder of not only where you've been, but where you're headed as a family also--together.