This amazing photographer was willing to come to my messy home when baby was just a few days old. My kids were uncooperative for me and my day deteriorated before it ever began. Then came a knock at the door and in walked this Mary Pippins magic worker with a bag of tricks. She spent lots of time capturing baby’s sweet sleep, cuddly moments and little features. Then somehow my three big kids were ready to jump into the photos?! By the end of our session we had a family photo taken- which I had given up all hopes of having the night before. The real surprise came when I got to see my family through Heather’s eyes. Somehow there was no mess or struggle in our photos, just new baby bliss! Despite baby pooping on me and my needing to feed baby- everyone was relaxed and Heather kept us all at ease. I had so much anxiety before the experience that I felt like canceling the night before- I’m SO glad that I didn’t! The memories that were captured are priceless. I have Heather to thank for that! I couldn’t have had a better experience, and her high quality photos speak for themselves!


We are blown away at the amazing talent that Heather has! She captured our family beautifully and is so great to work with. I would recommend her to everyone! Best photographer!


Heather takes amazing pictures and my kids actually had fun! Definitely the best pictures we have ever had taken.