I met Kayla earlier this year through an organization we both volunteer through. She has so much spark and personality you really can’t help but want to be her friend. She is funny and personable.  I think the best attribute is how authentic Kayla is. She is genuine through and through and that is so nice to have in a friend and client. We met up before the sun and bonded over biscuits and coffee–anything to make baby and momma happy, right?  We were both a little sleepy; however, we knew our venture was going to be worth it. We drove to Winston Salem and caught some beautiful purple and orange skies on the way to Pilot Mountain.



Then we continued our venture to Winston Salem and went straight through it and wound around and around thanks to the Business 40 construction going on. Eventually we arrived and was greeted by an empty Pilot Mountain so it was just us and nature. It was glorious. We ventured onto the rocks. Rephrasing–she ventured onto some of the rocks and my scaredy-cat self clung for dear life as she laughed at me. Which is basically true friendship-right??  We had so much fun and she was absolutely stunning.  Consequently, when I looked at the back of my camera, I knew she was going to be happy with these and that I was already overjoyed. 

Kayla is due in March with either a little mister (to accompany her current little mister) or a little miss. Above all, she is an amazing momma and I can not wait to meet her little person on the way.