I’ve known Samantha and Demaris for a significant part of their lives. I grew up with their sister, Rosa and will probably always think of them as a white-blonde twinkly-eyed gypsy girl and a dark-haired, dark-eyed beauty ready to take on the world. Their personalities are spectacular, but their drive and confidence in who they are is really much more remarkable. For girls this day and age, when the media tries to tell us all exactly who we should be, it is refreshing to see and know two fire-starters like these two. We decided to adventure in Asheboro, NC for this snowy photoshoot.

The weather was so cold, but it didn’t deter our adventure in the least. We knew that the sun would be going down sooner rather than later so we found our spots and they were on it! These girls are gorgeous and their personalities show through in each of their images. They have a foundation that has knitted them together as sisters, but more than that they are truly best friends and inseparable.  I was so blessed to be able to get some of their character on camera. They are welcome to be in front of my camera any time!